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Consulting Services

Training & Workshops

Extensive experience in facilitating learning to learners of all ages including 20+ years to adults and 5+ years to children and youth. We can develop workshops together to meet your team's needs. 

Potential Workshop offerings :

  • Decolonizing therapy: broadening clinician self-awareness and skills in working with Indigenous clients.  

  • Understanding the intergenerational effects of trauma and children, youth, and the family

  • Holistic wellness: front-line workers making plans for their own wellness. 

  • Helping clients deal with COVID-19 livng in small communities or on reserves. 

  • Land, culture and play: practical ways to incorporate foundational cultural supports when working with traumatized Indigenous children and youth. 


Significant experience and postgraduate training in health research and evaluation, experience is primarily in qualitative methods including non-oppressive, Indigenous methodology.  Some experience also in quantitative methods.

Community Health Sciences/ Population Health Science

Skilled in Health Leadership, Health  Services Evaluation,  Population Health Intervention Approaches, Epidemiology, Indigenous Health 

Team and Leadership Support

Trauma-informed approach to team building and building your team's ability to work with clients affected by trauma.  Extensive experience in project and program leadership as a bridge between Indigenous and non-Indigenous knowledges, practices, policies within organizations and into broader communities ensuring the needs of Indigenous communities are identified and heard .

Program and Policy Development

Experienced Facilitator with substantial experience facilitating the growth and development of leadership and practical effective program and policy solutions from the input of diverse stakeholder teams.

Clay-based Wellness Workshop

As a hobbyist potter and clay worker I have often enjoyed bringing clay to my workshops.  These can be wellness and recovery time for groups or teams that have experienced stress or loss. The tactile nature of clay, movement, creativity and gentle group work helps participant spend time in their bodies and with their creative selves in a way that is nuturing and soothing.  

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