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What is Trauma-Informed, Holistic, Culturally Inclusive Therapy Approach? 

My approach is based on the understanding of the physiological, emotional, spiritual, mental, and relational impacts of loss/ trauma on the individual, family, and through the generations. I focus initially on helping clients connect to their own inner strengths, and creating sufficient safety intrinsic to the client and enough external resources before engaging in a deeper exploration of the issues that bring them to therapy. Therapeutic methods are selected by clients' needs, natural interests, and current life circumstances

My greatest teachers have been my elders and ancestors. This cultural and spiritual way of life forms the basis of who I am and how I walk through and understand our world and influences how I work with clients. A fundamental part of this way of life is respecting who you are and not imposing myself or my ways on others.  All cultures are welcome. All of who you are is welcome.  Learning from the wisdom of Marie Jose Dhaese I have sought to create a nurturing office and playroom environment that provides sensory qualities of that supports healing and growth. Each session is tailored to the individual's or family's needs and incorporates a variety of therapies, which can include:

  • Verbal counselling

  • Culturally -based interventions and activities

  • Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy (IFOT/AFOT)

  • Indigenous spirituality support

  • Imagery and visualization

  • Land-based or land assisted therapy 

  • Expressive Play therapy

  • Sand play therapy

  • Clay work

  • Painting and Mixed material Creative Expression

  • Writing

  • Music

  • Craft 

  • Ancient and Traditional Skills ( Cedar, Fish Tanning, Hide Work)

  • Sewing

Children and youth have many reasons that may bring them to need some help.  Often children are seen individually as well as  part of family therapy.  Expressive play therapies and land-based and land-assisted therapies including IFOT work to create an environment to support the child/youth's healing and growth. 

 Our approach offers an integrative ,trauma-informed way that honors and includes your culture and history and the intersections in your family or partnership.  Family and Partner Therapy work is often used  to strengthen relationships, establish new norms,  and heal past losses and harms. Family members sometimes come together and also as individuals. 

Individual Adult therapy is offered an integrative ,trauma-informed way that honors and includes your culture and history. This approach incorporate all aspects of yourself, as one, the spirit, emotion, mind, and body and recognizes our place and roles within our relationships in partnerships, families and communities.  

We offer workshops and/or expert advice in the area of holistic wellness,  wellness leadership and team building, culturally-based /trauma-informed policy and program development. 

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