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Is Your Relationship Not Working well?

  • Do you feel alone, disconnected, or unloved in your relationship?

  • Do feel trapped or suffocated? 
  • Are you and your partner treating each other more like roommates ?

  • Has fighting or silence to keep the peace become the norm? 

  • Has infidelity or some other break in the trust diminished your intimacy?

  • Do you ever find yourself thinking, “Is this the best this relationship can be? "

  • Do you want to make things better but don't have the tools or the knowledge?

All couples have their ups and downs, many struggling to resolve communication issues and different expectations for the relationship.Sometimes our pasts, or our lack or learning how to communicate keep showing up and getting in the way of creating a strong caring relationship. Is there more tension than harmony? Is Trust is non-existent. Is the sex distant, obligatory, or absent?

At this point, it may seem like all is lost, but there is still hope for your relationship . With your commitment to each other and a desire to change for the better, we can work together to help you improve your relationship.


Within our society we often tend to complicate things ourselves by (consciously or unconsciously) expecting our partners to fill our every physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and platonic need. When those expectations are not met, it can create a lot of disconnection and loneliness in the relationship. Additionally, most people are simply repeating behaviors they were exposed to in childhood, so couples end up running into the same limitations as their parents. 

But that’s couple therapy is here for—to help you and your partner overcome the obstacles that are limiting or negatively impacting your relationship  . With support, you’ll gain the skills and mutual self-awareness needed to repair your relationship and find new, more meaningful ways of connecting with and experiencing each other. 
Partners can do therapy together, or both individual and partner therapy. Our approach offers an integrative,trauma-informed way that honors and includes your culture and history and how those intersect in your partnership.  This approach incorporates all aspects of each person in the partnership, the spirit, emotion, mind, and body. When relevant it recognizes the role of intergenerational patterns and traumas. Partner work is often used to strengthen relationships, establish new norms,  and heal past harms, and/or re-establish a connection with each other .


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