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Privacy Policy


Alanah respects the privacy of her clients, holds in strict confidence all information regarding her clients and complies with applicable privacy legislation. At any time, you have the right to withhold or withdraw consent, or place conditions on the disclosure of your information. 

The nature of personal information collected may include: 

Information required to maintain a working file according to the standards of our  profession such as your name, address, phone numbers, date of birth, other contact information, names of others who are significant to your situation (family, your doctor, and other professionals) and sometimes their contact information. I also collect information about our work and the actions in this regard, any correspondence sent or received, any consents or other documents you have signed, copies of papers you have given us and other documentation particular to the nature of our involvement. Information necessary for billing purposes, and their standards, information about other third party payers, copies of all receipts given to you including copies of electronic payments, copies of invoices and billing records and information related to the scheduling of appointments with you. 

I collect this information for the following reasons: 

To maintain a clinical file or working file that meets the standards of our profession. 

To provide this service for you in a manner that ensures your safety. 

To maintain a high standard of professionalism in the provision of service. 

To assist in the process of billing for my services. Including sharing required information with your 3rd party payer. 

To meet other legal and regulatory requirements. 

To maintain records pertaining to the operations of a business and to make these records available if requested. 

There will be times when I ask you if I may speak with others about you and your situation. There will be times when you will ask us to do this as well. On these occasions, I will always discuss this information-sharing with you and I will look at the benefits and consequences of speaking to others about your situation. I would then ask for your informed, written consent for me to share your information. 

There may be occasions when I must share information about you or your situation without your consent. These situations are very exceptional but may include the following: 

*If I have information about abuse or risk of abuse to a child, then I must report this to the proper authority. 

*If I have a concern about any risk that you may do harm to yourself or harm to another person then I must take action to ensure your safety or the safety of others. 

*If I am required by law to release information such as receiving a subpoena to court. 

*When disclosure is needed to receive professional or legal consultation. 

*If I must defend myself against a complaint filed with the regulatory body such as Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers or any other court action. 

While these events are rare, I would like to help you become aware that these possibilities do exist. Our primary goal is to foster a safe space where you feel comfortable and able to explore and disclose personal concerns. If there are other limits of confidentiality in your situation, I will identify and discuss them with you before proceeding with your service. When I work individually with children and adolescents I will attempt to keep parents informed of their child’s/adolescent’s general progress and attempt to keep parents involved in the therapeutic process. However, to support the client/therapist relationship, they are afforded the right to some privacy. 

There are times where I may also share pertinent anonymous information about certain clients within the confidential context of supervision or consultation, for the purpose of providing the highest quality care in the benefit of the clients. However, all identifying information such as your name will remain confidential. There will be times when you will ask me to share information with other parties as well. On these occasions, I will always discuss this information-sharing with you and I will look at the benefits and consequences of speaking to others about your situation. I would then ask for your informed, written consent for me to share your information. 

I make every attempt to safeguard personal information. I would like you to know the following: 

Your file contains all the personal information about you and your situation. Any hard copy of files are stored in a locked cabinet in a secure locked area and digital record of your chart are stored online in an encrypted site (JaneApp) that is housed in Canada. I do not store chart information about you in my computer. If we on occasion, prepare a document about you on the computer it will be stored on removable memory stick and placed with your hardcopy file or on an computer that has encryption level of protection. Your file is maintained according to regulations set by our profession and in accordance with other legal requirements. When information about you is no longer required, it is shredded/incinerated and disposed of by me. In the event of incapacity or death, a designated social worker or certified counsellor would have some access to your information in order to assist you in a transfer to another therapist or to maintain the file according to legal and regulatory standards. This social worker would also be a member of the professionally regulated body such as the College of Social Workers and would be obligated to provide all services to the same standard that I would. 


I will ensure the security and preservation of your record for a period of 7 years after the last date of service provided. You have the right to request to see any personal information that I have collected about you or your situation or that of your custodial children under the age of 12. You have the right to review your clinical file. I will assist you to understand all of what has been written in your file. If you believe that some information about you is incorrect, you may request that the information be changed. I will then correct this information with any third parties who may have been given the wrong information. If you wish to view your file or if you have any concerns about the privacy of your information, please contact Alanah Woodland (778)209-0956. 


Every time you send a regular email, your messages and your privacy are at risk of being viewed, intercepted or modified by 3rd parties; do not send confidential information. Alanah recommends that clients request/schedule phone consultations if needed in between sessions. If you are experiencing a crisis and are unable to get in touch with Alanah to book an appointment, please contact the emergency department of the nearest hospital. Alanah accepts no liability for any interference with or damage to your computer system, software, or data occurring in connection with your use of insecure email to communicate with Alanah. 

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