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Children and Teens

Do You Wish You Knew How To Support Your Child? 


Is your child feeling lost and unable to cope with all the changes in their life?

Do they struggle to communicate what they are feeling or experiencing?

Has your or someone else's parenting not been great in the past and you want to help them heal?  


Did your child experience a loss that they are struggling with? 

Are they trying to figure out their identity?

Do they have hard time with friendships?

Was there a single incident that was traumatic or  a period of many traumas ?

Maybe they resort to crying, fighting, or even hiding out in the room all the time?


For most kids, talking to grown-ups means being told how to behave. Child counseling is just the opposite. We provide a safe, nonjudgmental space where your child is free to be themselves without any pressure to act a certain way. Play is the language of children and most youth.

Our sessions include therapy work, but they are laidback and fun—we offer a combination of Expressive play therapy, land based therapy and talk therapy to help kids explore their thoughts and feelings. If your child likes to express themselves through drawing, painting, or playing with toys, they are encouraged to do so during sessions.  

In the beginning, we will generally meet with you and your child together to set goals, review our structure, and go over confidentiality policies. If you’d like, however, it is possible to have a one-on-one session with us first. And although some sessions will be conducted with your child alone, you are encouraged to have sessions with your child in addition to occasional parenting debriefs. Parent participation is vital .

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